Welcome - Lane Green First School, Staffordshire
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Welcome to Lane Green First School.

I am absolutely thrilled to have been appointed as the new Headteacher of Lane Green First School and can’t wait to start getting to know our children, families and community. During my transition to working with the staff at Lane Green I have already experienced the caring ethos of the whole school family that radiates from every single person.

Having worked in first and primary schools for the past 15 years I am passionate in the belief that all children can achieve the highest academic standards whilst enjoying a rich, rewarding and challenging curriculum which focuses on themselves as individuals, developing their character and helping them realise the opportunities open to them in the wider world. Academic excellence is essential to this but I am also committed to Lane Green First School continuing to be about so much more, offering a rich tapestry of experiences that gives real colour throughout the time our children spend with us.

My aim is to make learning at Lane Green a joy for all who walk through our doors. Providing learning opportunities that are relevant, motivating and engaging. This in turn releases a child’s curiosity and fun, so that a task can be tackled and their goals achieved.

I am proud and excited to begin working with remarkable professionals at Lane Green First School to deliver on our promise of exceptional opportunities for learning to each and every child in our care.”

Tom Wright