SMSC, FBV, PSED and PSHE - Lane Green First School, Staffordshire
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SMSC, FBV, PSED and PSHE Overview

How is SMSC integrated into the curriculum?
All the projects that make up the Lane Green Curriculum include the four stages: Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express. Each stage promotes and develops specific aspects of SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development). For example, in the Engage stage, children take part in a Memorable Experience. Historical, cultural and heritage sites form the basis for many of the Memorable Experiences, which helps Lane Green cover the SMSC statement about ‘understanding and appreciating the wide range of cultural influences that have shaped their heritage and those of others’. The Lane Green Curriculum lessons included in these four stages provide a wide range of opportunities for children to acquire the SMSC skills.

How is FBV integrated into the curriculum?
Each of the SMSC skills promotes specific FBV (Fundamental British Values). There are clear links between SMSC and FBV. We provide children with the opportunity to cover one of the four fundamental British values: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and tolerance and respect. Therefore, the curriculum lessons included in the four stages of Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express promote and develop aspects of both SMSC and FBV.

The Democracy Rules standalone mini projects are a series of short projects that supplement the Lane Green Curriculum. The sessions in these projects provide opportunities for children to develop an understanding of what is right and wrong, rules and laws and what it means to live in a democracy. The Yoimoji characters also supplement the Lane Green Curriculum. They are a collection of characters designed to help us promote values-led learning that includes FBV. Yoimoji includes assemblies and extracurricular activities. These resources help you provide opportunities for children to learn about and understand the importance of the values set out in the FBV.

How is PSED and PSHE integrated into the curriculum?
Opportunities are highlighted in sessions across each stage where school promotes and develops aspects of PSED (Personal, social and emotional development). Sometimes aspects of PSHE (Personal, Social, Health education), such as the speaking, listening and sharing, are covered in the Lane Green Curriculum projects for Y1–Y4. For example, in the Express stage, children speak to a range of people, reflecting on their learning and achievements.